Friday, January 9, 2009

Conflux Art Previews (Update)

Here's an update of the Conflux art previews from Magic Tutor dot com. The latest batch seems to become cooler. I just hope though that it is the same with the actual card.

First in line is the art of the Legendary Dragon Demon Malfegor. You can actually see the hybrid between the two powerful creatures in Magic.
More card images after the cut.

Next is the art for Beacon Behemoth. See how big he is as compared to those trees. I predict his summoning cost is big as well. Lol.

The next one is the art of a Grixis vampire flying over a place in Jund. The card is Blood Tyrant.

The last one is the art of what they believe that belongs to the card Vedalken Outlander. I agree to that.

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