Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Create Your Own Planeswalker!

I am avid visitor of the Neutral Grounds forums, specifically at the MTG General Discussions thread and the Off Topics thread. Whenever I get bored working and our tech guy has turned off the web filtering software, I would go there, read and participate to the interesting and funny posts made there by my fellow Pinoy Magic players. One particular post that they have which got my attention was the Planeswalker Design Contest, wherein you'll post your own planeswalker design with matching card art. Here's a few I would like to share with you guys.

The first two made by Kira (click to enlarge)

Next are works of mabalasik_produktionz

This is my personal favorite. Lol!

You can check the actual post in the NG forums here. You just have to register first though.


Anonymous said...

Great cards. I like how the art is really cool.

Anonymous said...

Nice.Kira is my favorite. The art is amazing.


Anonymous said...

The wordings are vomitable and cards are totally lifeless and without any idea. Sorry, guys :)

Anonymous said...

2. Kira looked like he comes from an anime/manga with his long cheesy name (Life and Death, Kamigawa anybody?). His abilities sucked because discard is already in Liliana Vess, and the last part is just useless, it costs too much.

3. Anubis and Zarich is the creation of a Final Fantasy geek, Age of Mythology nerd or rather a demented kid who got too much History classes. The "Legendary Planeswalker" part just seemed wrong in so many levels as it is not as epic as it would be to hold a "Legend" status. The abilities of Zarich is boring as the wither hype is already intact. While Anubis's abilities are just a couple of spells taken into account and spliced into one card. Though I like the first ability (everyone loses ability)

3. Congrats to Black Heart Tanis to be so normal that it doesn't shine. EXCELLET artwork for the color theme. Good, however, he is too weak to be a planeswalker. And also, he have to be a little more Black-ish. Remember Agony Warp? River's Grasp? Glimpse the Unthinkable? Those are blue-black.

Well in anyway, these cards are well..just the creation of small children having their mind full of TVs and Mangas.

Anonymous said...

1. I agree... Legendary Planeswalker is so wrong.

2. Great, great, great art on Black Heart and Kira (Kira especially)!!

3. Black Heart Tanis probably, to be a decent planeswalker, would have to be boosted to Scry 3 instead. Also, his untap ability would probably be better either as giving him +2 loyalty, or reading as: +1 = Untap a creature, land, and artifact. (Even if you did this, he still is pretty much just a blue planewalker. Add in a little black, so his scry ability would instead be: +1: Scry 1. Then, scry 2 on an opponent's library. That opponent sacrifices a permanent.)

Overall... Great Job!

Anonymous said...

your spelling is horrible....god that pisses me off...poor spelling....you play magic you read all the time get some decent grammar skills.....its so fucking annoying dude