Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Magic: The Gathering Designed T-Shirts

Its been quite a long time since my last T-shirt printing of Magic: The Gathering designs. My friend Mel, an architect grad, who's doing the prints has been busy at work that's why I couldn't able to get to him to print me some new designs. My last print I think was the Lorwyn name design which I printed a month before the set was released. I think that was September of last year.

The planned t-shirt design for Team Iloilo on last year's Regionals.
Made by Master Ramon.

My t-shirt printing of Magic: The Gathering designs started when I saw this advertisement of the Torment expansion set in the Inquest magazine. It showed a black mana symbol (the skull) with the line "Deal with it" next to it. I was like awed that time and the first thing that flickered in my mind was "Why if I make this as a design in my shirt?" Mel was my schoolmate that time and we were in the same department (Eng'g and Arch). He was already doing some t-shirt printing that time so I gladly showed him the design and asked if he could do it. He said he can so I gave him a blank black t-shirt to work on. The design was finally made into reality and I was very proud to wear my first ever Mtg t-shirt. Lol... I even wore it during the Regionals at Bacolod that same year. Lol...

What followed was a series of t-shirt printings of Magic: the Gathering expansion symbols, mana color symbols and the like. My favorite shirt so far is the one with the art design of Masked Gorgon on the back (Mel didn't have the resources to do the card art so I let somebody else paint it). I'm still planning to print more designs if I got the time to look for a t-shirt printing stall in the local malls here. Here are my planned or rather soon-to-be printed mtg designs.

The design is the "Shadowmoor" text with the same font on the logo above and is colored white on a black t-shirt. The alternate is the complete logo with the colors on a white shirt.

The Golgari guild symbol and the red mana symbol will also be on a black shirt, centered and with a one line of text. I'm still thinking of what words to place on that.

Currently, I have non-magic designs ready to be printed and maybe I'll make one for Shards of Alara.


James Roy Labrador said...

Nice Design .. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, the guy who did the llorwyn shirt had real taste! tahum ang design, while showing tasteful restraint. very cool!