Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Agonist

I’ve been a fan of metal bands and I like those that have female vocalists. Who would expect such beauty that can do both clean singing and death metal screams and growls. That sounds pretty cool..

I’ve visited the site of Century Media Records, whom most metal bands have signed for their music, and I came across this band which call themselves The Agonist (formerly known as The Tempest). They are composed of Alissa White-Gluz as the vocalist, guitarist Danny Marino, bassist Chris Kells, and drummer Simon McKay. They are from Montreal, Canada and have released their first album, Once Only Imagined, last August 2007. Their music are both catchy and heavy (which sounded like Arch Enemy for me) and their song’s themes are about moral concerns, societal dilemmas, and the state of our world (pretty cool for a metalcore band).

You can check out their official site,

Here’s their music video for the song “Business Suits and Combat Boots” from their album Once Only Imagined.

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