Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Shadowmoor Anthology Announced

In today's "Taste the Magic" article, Doug Beyer shared some info about the novel of the upcoming set, Shadowmoor.

He said, as quoted from his article, "However, I can share one cool tidbit today. The book releasing in conjunction with Shadowmoor is an anthology, a collection of a novella and short stories. The novella is by Cory Herndon and Scott McGough and continues the events of the Lorwyn and Morningtide novels. Then there are eight other short stories by these authors: Ken Troop, Denise Graham, Jess Lebow, Will McDermott, Matt Cavotta, John Delaney, Jenna Helland, and Doug Beyer.

Yep, check out the Shadowmoor anthology and you'll get a taste of two Taste the Magic writers, plus a host of other talented folks. I can tell you, when we sent out the Shadowmoor style guide to the writers (yep, we made two style guides this year, and Shadowmoor definitely has its own distinct look—more on that in the weeks to come), we got a lot of excited comments back. Like I said, there is serious flavor goodness coming. Look for the anthology close to the release of the Shadowmoor card set!"

You can check out the info about the novel here.

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