Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Magical Saturday Afternoon

Just a glimpse of our tournament last Saturday. I got into the top 8 but was defeated by my fellow friend Marco playing Mana-ramp. My record was 3 wins, two losses and a draw. Oh well....

Me and Jimmy (Top photo) against Athan and Oliver.

Early beatings of Doran and Tarmogoyf....Sigh...

Oliver's Tarmogoyf in stand-by mode as the goblins build up their army. Thanks Wort!

The top 8 players after 5 rounds of gruelling battle.

Red burn deck and a bottle of Red Horse... Definitely fit for this summer.

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benj said...

Nice blog bro. Buhay na buhay pala ang MTG community dyan sa Iloilo, kaya pala may sarili kayong prerelease. :)

Btw, I also have an MTG blog -- -- and I've also seen a few others. Sana in the future magkaroon din tayo ng directory ng Pinoy MTG blogs. :)