Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Blog Advertising Network that Sparks

You want a new hangout and marketplace for your paid blog posting? Checkout SocialSpark dot com, the newest sponsored review site for bloggers and advertisers. This site is owned by Izea, the company that made PayPerPost. I was informed about this site when I received an e-mail from Izea regarding the launch of this one. Their icon or shall we call it mascot, the little cute flame guy, made me curious so I visited the site. At first, I find it complicated but after a few browsing and clicking, I’d say that it is easy. I quickly created an account and here I am with my very first post for SocialSpark.

Here is a glimpse of the SocialSpark homepage:

So what difference does SocialSpark make from the other blog advertising network? Well, I would say it’s about SocialSpark’s code of ethics. What’s new about their code is their strict 100% audit-able in-post disclosure. Every sponsored post you take in SocialSpark requires you to put a code for the disclosure badge at the end of the post. This is a protection for both the blogger and advertiser and also to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

SocialSparks has also implemented a 100% transparency in the network. This means that every participant in SocialSpark, whether a blogger or an advertiser, has a profile that is made viewable to the public. This profile also shows the previous and current transactions of that blogger or advertiser. This is to keep an honest and open community.

Another thing worth the mention is 100% real opinions. This means no forcing of you to write about this specific topic provided by the advertiser. You are free to say what you want and your thoughts about the product or service. Also, you can choose the opportunity you like and that suits you.

Lastly, SocialSpark is 100% search engine friendly. Each sponsored link created in SocialSpark carries a “no-follow” attribute. So what is this for? This is to protect bloggers and advertisers from getting penalties in search engines, especially on their page rank in Google.

Based on this code and other features that I have seen on SocialSpark, I’d say it is a recommended blog advertising network for you. Joining is pretty much easy. Just click the “get started” button at the home page and it will take you to setting up your account login and profile. After filling up the form, you are required to submit your blog. Use the claim code to verify that you are the owner of the blog. After that, install the ITK code on your website. Once the check sign appears in itk installed, you can now submit your blog for verification. Once approved by Customer Love, nice name by the way, you can now start getting your opportunities. Pretty easy isn’t it?

So go ahead and check out SocialSpark now and start earning those dollars.

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Emmsy said...

Thanks Mark for the influenced to join SocialSpark. But my I signed to SocialSpark not yet approved. Still waiting... hehehehe!