Friday, May 16, 2008

Preparing for Regionals '08

Last Sunday and Wednesday, we had our what we call "GP Iloilo", in which GP means Grand Playtest and not Grand Prix, in preparation for the Regionals in Cebu. I hosted the place in my boarding house. We playtested against difficult matchups to know the weak side of the deck and to adjust the sideboard for it. I got the chance to get some pics while I wait for my turn to playtest. Here are some of them:

Pic shot last Sunday's GP

Mark T, Joseph and Gian joined in to help us on the playtest.

Instant Pancit Canton, bread and Pepsi Maxx for mirienda.

Its hard to be the host of the place. You get to cook for them. Lol...

Playtesting until the night.

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