Sunday, May 11, 2008

SocialSpark is Live!

IZEA, the company that made PayPerPost, recently released SocialSpark, the newest hangout place for bloggers and advertisers that gets everyone talking. I joined this blog advertising network just recently this week and made my first post there. I was informed about this site thru an e-mail from IZEA and saw this as an opportunity to earn more thru paid post blogging.

What I see on Socialspark that is different from the other previous blog advertising networks that I joined is that you can create a profile that other fellow bloggers and advertisers can view. This profile shows your recent sponsored posts and opportunities taken, your added friends and their comments and even feedback about you. Look into my profile here to see what I’m talking about. Another thing I would like to mention about this site is that you can create an advertiser account from your very same blogger account. Two accounts in one login. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

SocialSpark is offering a lot of opportunities each day. Just click browse opportunities and see a wide range of topics, from products, services and even the latest movies, and get to choose the topic you like and prefer.

Creating an account is free and easy so join SocialSpark now and get to experience a new and fun way of paid blog posting and blog advertising.

This is a sponsored post by SocialSpark.

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