Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tournament Report: Global Warming

Last Saturday's tournament was the last major event for our community before we go for this year's Regionals in Cebu. I piloted the same Mono-red deck that I played last week. No updates have been made in the deck because of my busy schedule at work and other stuff including making posts for this blog. Lol... Anyways, here is the report:

Round 1 – Michael Simora (UW Millfolks)

I burned his folks one by one and him a few turns later. On Game two, he was able to set up the mill with his Drowner of Secrets but magus of the scroll did it.

Games: 1-0
Matches: 2-0

Round 2 – Jimmy Evidente (R/G Aggro)

In Game 1, he was ahead of the beats and killed me with 2 shard volleys. Game 2, I was able to beat him up with Goblin tokens till he was at critical range and my burn finished him. Game 3, It was a pretty close fight but he ran out of gas while my magus did some burning to him until he is within range of my burn spells.

Games: 2-0
Matches: 4-1

Round 3 – John Rey Sequio (Project R)

He was able to combo me out on game one despite of him getting mana flood. In game two, I started fast with fanatic and marauders. He was just playing lands and evoking mulldrifters for answers. I waited for the right moment and burned him when I got the chance. Game 3, he played out riftwatcher to block my fanatic. That gave me a chance to Cryoclasm his island. He attacked for 2 and blinked his watcher to stay on guard. I bolted his watcher and keep attacking with my fanatic. He missed his fifth land drop and digged for lands by evoking his mulldrifter. At that opening and my suspended gargy going to 4 counters on my upkeep, I estimated my mana and burn. With him at 18 life, I incinerated him at end of his turn. With a marauders, fanatic and 5 lands in play, I sac 4 lands to unsuspended my gargy, attacked him down to 2 (13 damage) and shard volleyed for the win.

Games: 3-0
Matches: 6-2

Round 4 – Joseph Gonzales (UB Faeries)

He started slow with no bitterblossom on turn two. Magus of the scroll killed most of his guys. His cryptic command countered my keldon marauders on my first main phase. That left him tapped out and gave me an opening to scroll him, sac my lands and magus to bring out gargy, attack together with the fanatic, and ping him. A total of thirteen damage in a single turn. Game 2, I was able to play out and lock him with magus of the moon on turn three when he flashed Pestermite to tap my marauders and block my fanatic. The magus started the beatdown and was later joined by another one. The two went all the way for the win.

Games: 4-0
Matches: 8-2

Round 5 – Mark Tubola (Project R)

We decided to draw the match to secure our spot in the top eight.

I was very happy with the deck's performance despite of no updates of Shadowmoor cards like Flame Javelin and Boggart Ram Gang. The highlight of my report would be winning against my worst matchup, Project R, in round three. Maybe I did the right plays or I just got lucky at that time. The sideboard proved to be useful but I think I'll do some changes on two cards. Maybe I'll add everlasting torment against life gain. We'll see.

Till next time peeps, and thanks again for reading... ;-)

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