Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Difficult is worth doing


Difficult is worth doing. In every aspect of life, overcoming and achieving difficulty is really worth it. That is also what Honda is trying to imply with its latest TV commercial entitled “Jump”. This is for the new Honda Accord automobile. In this ad, they’ve used professional skydivers to successfully create several objects mid air while on skydive freefall and the word ACCORD while parachuting back to earth. They took a year in the planning and making of this ad and I must say they’ve really pulled this one off. All these hard work, including those rehearsal and practice in wind tunnels to perfect the jump, are easier said than done but to these people, the love of the sport and Honda overcomes that.

Honda maintains its integrity and quality in producing cars since 1976. Their recent Accord is power efficient, low emission levels, less fuel consumption, and utilizes Honda’s VCM technology. So when you’re planning to buy a new car, why not get a Honda Accord.

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