Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting your Paypal Funds via Union Bank Eon Card

I've stumbled upon this very useful post from blogger mom, Berryblitz. This is for bloggers or anyone who have accounts from PayPal Philippines. I was having problems and is somewhat confused on processing my Eon Cyber account from Union Bank and adding it to my PayPal account. I was thinking I could share this step by step processing to you. Here it is:

1. First off, I've you don't have any Eon account, you must apply online at the Union Bank website. Visit their site and click on Eon CyberAccount. Fill up the online form and submit.

2. Go to Union Bank after a week or so and claim your Eon card. Bring with you 2 valid IDs. You can also bring other papers listed on the site but I suggest you bring IDs. Also, photocopy them ahead of time to lessen the hassle.

3. You Eon account would be active after at least 2 banking days. After that, you need to deposit some money on your account, preferably 100 pesos because Paypal will deduct an equivalent of 1.95 US dollars to your account as a payment for adding your Eon card. But don't worry, PayPal will return it back to you once you are finished with all the steps on adding your card.

4. You'll need to wait for about 3 days or more, maybe a week, before you can add your Eon card on PayPal. Union Bank is sending your information to a department to lift restrictions so you'll be able to use your card online.

5. Now try to add your Eon card to PayPal.

6. If successful, then wait up to 5 working/banking days. Then call the Union Bank call center at 84-186 for Metro Manila (or 8418600 for non-PLDT or if it doesn't) and ask for your EXPUSE Number (Expanded Use Number) to finish adding your card. I don't know what the number here in Iloilo but I'll update this one once I got it. For domestic call , the number is 1-800-1888-2277 toll free. Another option is sending them an e-mail to get your Expand number.

7. When you get your EXPUSE number, click the Finish Expanded Use Enrollment link on the To Do List. Enter your EXPUSE Number and you're done.

8. Another tip. To prevent the hassle of going to an ATM machine just to check your account balance, you might want to register your EON account at EON section of Union Bank site.

I hope this would be a great help to you, my fellow bloggers. A big thanks again to Berryblitz for sharing this one.

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Berryblitz said...

uy thanks for mentioning me :) applying for an eon account really is confusing.