Monday, June 2, 2008

Month Ender Tournament Picks of Pics

Hello peeps! Last Saturday, we held our month ender tournament with a Standard constructed format. Twenty players participated and a lot of new decks were seen. Me, being lazy to try a new deck, piloted the same RDW deck that I played last Regionals with, of course, a little tweaking. I finished with a 3-2 record on the swiss rounds and got into the top 8. I got a favorable match up with the UW Merfolks, in which my officemate John Ryan is piloting, only to end up getting sweep. Anyways, playing my role as the camera man for the MTG community, here are my picks of pics:

Anything but the Kitchen Finks...sigh...

A prowled Notorious Throng stole a turn and a win from Mao.

New decks were piloted, including this Japs build of the Mono Red Shamans.

Two cursecatchers against a fatty Cloudthresher. JP (UW Merfolks) still won this matchup as the second Cursecatcher got in for the last lethal damage.

The reason why I got sweep in the top 8 against merfolks. A mirrorweave on my Gargadon took me from 12 life to zero.

Check out the rest of the pics that I took here. Till next post guys and thanks again for the visit. =)

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