Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Water

I woke up to find out that our water tank just got ran out of water. Crap! What a bad timing since I needed to wash my face and attend my you know what. I immediately asked Manong Noel where I can get water. He told me that there is a hand pump for groundwater at the backyard of the building. Omg. I’ll be bringing water up 5 floors! I was thinking like, “It’ll be a good exercise Mark. You’ll lose your fat tummy.” but that’s 5 freakin’ floors man. That’s one disadvantage of living on the rooftop guys. Oh well. I give it a shot. I brought a pail and Manong accompanied me to the backyard. I pumped water, manually of course, filled up my pail, and began with the torture err climbing the stairs to the rooftop. As of the writing of this post, I think my right arm got disconnected. Lol…I hope this crisis will end ASAP. To those in-charge of repairing the water system, get your ass moving please. A lot of people are suffering from this water crisis and not only me.

Later peeps. I’m going to take a bath downstairs. *sigh*

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