Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thoughts on Eventide

Magic: the Gathering’s next set, Eventide, previewed its first ever card. Overbeing of Myth is a continuation of the Shadowmoor’s five avatar cycle. With this revelation, it is now confirmed that Eventide will have enemy hybrid cards. My thought about this one is that this addition of enemy colors will change the view of players on deck building. Players can now go mono color utilizing only one type of basic land and these hybrid cards. This will now open to new card and deck strategies. I guess I’ll be expecting strong cards like Kitchen Finks and the avatar auras in this set.

I am also hoping that Wizards will print enemy filter lands for this set. They say it is not possible because of too much non-basic lands in the current standard format but I still cross my fingers on it. There’s still a big chance that it will be printed. So kudos to WotC for making this decision of bringing back the hybrid card concept and I hope I can prepare much (financially and mentally) prior to the release of this set in July 25.

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