Sunday, July 6, 2008

Create, Promote and Earn via Viddiction Videos

Watching videos on the internet is one of my outlets whenever I get bored doing tasks from my client. Anime episodes, music videos and TV episodes are my usual favorites but what I am most interested and search for are strange, weird, funny, and hilarious videos. One time, I get to see this vid which a friend of mine sent to my email. It shows a man eating soap, toothpaste, strawberry and shampoo. I was like “What the??? Whoa!” I think these people are crazy doing some acts like that and posting it on the web. Maybe it’s for popularity or maybe for money.

If you are also interested in doing one or just like to post your home videos, why not upload it on Viddiction dot com. Why is this video hosting site different from others? It’s because you can acquire popularity points for each view your video will get. One view is equivalent to one popularity point. At the end of each month, these points are being tallied and you get to win monthly competition prizes and earn cash for videos you’ve uploaded. The cash prizes range from $50 to $500.The more views and popularity points you get, the better the chance of winning. No entry fee is needed and you get to upload unlimited number of videos so join now, as in now! Visit contest page for more info.

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