Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dungeon Running and Bling Gnomes

I am an addict of playing online games, especially the MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, where you get to meet a lot of people across the world, level up your character, complete quests, battle boss monsters, defend your castle and do a lot of other things in the virtual environment. I was forced to stop though lately because of focus on work but a lot of my friends are still into these games.


Online games nowadays are being revolutionized to a new level. The development on game play and graphics is astounding that you won’t even believe that you are playing it for free. Recently, I’ve heard of this online video game called Dungeon Runners and the magical Bling Gnome. For your information, a gnome is a dwarf like creature that brings good luck. They are said to be masters of invention and they also do a similar function in this game. Players can obtain magical Bling Gnomes that are very good and useful companions when playing Dungeon Runners. Why? As the term “bling” implies, Bling Gnomes eat your unwanted items and monster drops and turn them into gold. Pretty cool, isn’t it.

Here is another good news: To celebrate the release of the Dungeon Runners game, they are holding a "Pimp Your Gnome" contest where you can trick out your own little gnome creations for a chance to win a $350 Best Buy Gift Card. Here's my own version of Bling Gnome. I call it "Bling Duck". See the pics below. Visit for more info on the contest.

Dungeon Runners is free to play so download it now at and start a whole new adventure of this fantasy online role-playing game.

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

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