Saturday, July 19, 2008

Get Your Cisco Certification Now

Way back in college when I was a student, our batch attended a seminar and training on PIC Microcontrollers which was held in our school. Our trainer from Manila discussed the uses and advantages of using that technology in various areas. That training was later followed up with a somewhat advanced training on the applications of the microcontrollers. I was thinking that time that if I attend these two seminars, I'll get an advantage when applying for a job in my field of computer engineering because of the certifications that I'll get. That assumption was later proven correct as that PIC Micro training certification on my resume got me a job as a Webmaster in an outsourcing company, in which I'm currently employed.

As I have noticed, the trend on information technology today is rapidly growing and expanding as it is compared in the previous years. In order to cope up, you have to got the edge in your specific field to get a good paying job. Like what I've mentioned previously, certification can be a good way to achieve that edge. With regards to your IT career, getting a Cisco certification is a good choice. Cisco, an established firm on the computer industry, is offering learning and training courses specifically on network certification programs. You can take these programs depending on your level of knowledge on networking. You can choose from the basic CCENT™ Certification to the Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Design Specialist. Not only that these Cisco certifications can benefit those already on the IT industry but also anyone who wants to be part of this growing field.

I'm sure that most of the job opportunities today requires at least a knowledge on computers and other IT related courses so getting a Cisco certification is definitely worth it.

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