Monday, July 28, 2008

July 26, 2008 Lorwyn Block Picks of Pics

Last Saturday, Mtg Iloilo held its first Eventide-legal Lorwyn Block Constructed tournament. It was also the first time that the tournament was held again in Gaisano City, thanks to our friends from CD Magic shop. Although only ten players have participated, everybody was excited (especially me) to try the new cards the Eventide set has offered. I was very happy that time because my order of Eventide cards has arrived before the tournament so I was able to utilize those cards on my Kithkin deck. Stay tuned for my tournament report on the deck. In the meantime, here are my picks of pics from the tournament:

My teammate and card pool partner Oliver is proud to present our two sets of Figure of Destiny. Hehehe...

JP preparing for the alpha strike on his last turn.

Mtg Iloilo players taking a pose as they are wait for JP's last turn.

If Bitterblossom is producing THESE tokens, I will definitely have a set of these in my deck.

Figure of Destiny on its first appearance in the Kithkin deck.

A very bad hand for the Faeries especially at one life.

Ellen Adarna tokens, a sub for the spirit tokens, getting in the damage for the Kithkin player.

The top 4 players, Rei and Mark (left) playing Kithkins while Mao and Tonton (right) playing Faeries. A tribal war on the top 4.

See the rest of the pics here. Stay tuned for my post on my insights on the Kithkin deck and on what possible decklist can be made with Eventide cards. Till next post peeps...

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