Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Metallica Memorabilia

I’ve known about the band Metallica way back in high school when my classmate brought a Metallica album during a practice for a school event. I think that was their Black Album as I have remembered the song I’ve heard playing at that time was “Enter Sandman.” At first I was thinking like, “What is that noise?” but later on I got used and got influenced when I met a friend in college who was and still an avid fan of old school rocking heavy music of the band. He had shared to me some of his collections of old Metallica cds such as the “Ride the Lightning” album that he had bought when he was in high school.


Just recently, I’ve discovered 991.com, a haven for music enthusiasts because of their huge collection of rare and deleted records, cds and music memorabilia of the famous music artists in history. I’m happy to know that they have Metallica memorabilia in their collection. If ever I could get to buy one, I would choose Metallica, The Unnamed Feeling. This 2004 Australian exclusive limited edition cd would be a good addition to my new sounds as I love to listen to their live performance because their music are more powerful and energetic when performed live.

So check out 991.com now and see your favorite artist’s rare vinyl records and memorabilia. I’m sure you’ll have the best buy any true music lover would get.

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