Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why Magic: The Gathering is Better than Sex

I got this funny post from a friend in our Magic Iloilo site forum. It points out the reasons why playing Magic: The Gathering is better than sex. Here are the reasons:

- You don't have to cuddle after a game of Magic.
- A game of Magic can last for hours.
- You can Clone a Shivan Dragon but try that with your partner.
- Protective card sleeves are easier to put on than condoms.
- Good sex can cost you $1000, but a Black Lotus will only cost you $250.
- You can Control Magic a Shivan Dragon, try THAT with your partner.
- A game of magic ALWAYS ends simultaneously.
- Your opponent won't ask you if you'll still respect them in the morning.
- You can always find someone to play Magic with you.
- An eight-second game of Magic is good!
- Magic requires no foreplay; you can just grab a partner and start playing.
- you can switch opponents as often as you like, and no one will mind.
- brutally beating your partner is okay.
- Protection really works.
- Magic comes with a rulebook.
- parents don't go crazy when they catch their children playing Magic with the neighbor's kid.
- you can play Magic while eating a sandwich.
- any number of people can play in a game of Magic, and everyone gets a turn.
- if your deck just isn't working, you can blame it on the shuffle.
- when you pay for Magic, you're guaranteed of a good time.
- you can always get your partner to play Magic with you in public.
- you can shuffle your deck as much as you want.
- your partner can shuffle your deck, too.
- when you buy Magic, you know it's fresh from the factory.
- when you get tired of a deck, you can make a better one.
- your neighbors won't mind if you watch them play Magic.
- it's okay to play Magic with your sister.
- you don't *need* a battery-powered shuffler, but it's easier than using your hands.
- you don't have to tell your current partner about everyone you've ever played with.
- if you quit playing Magic and sell all of your cards, you can probably afford sex.

LOL! Thanks to mINDfREEZE for sharing this.

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