Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work at the Moment: CMS Integration

Whew! Finally, I was able to complete the integration of my client's site into Joomla 1.5 cms (content management system). Choosing the template was quite difficult since it's a lawyers site but I was able to find one that it will fit in (it was a template from siteground). The initial template was rejected so I was forced to find template plan B. It took me 4 days to place the content from the old site, added several modules in it and a contact form. Here's a glimpse of my creation. Don't laugh please. Lol...

I know its not that good but still I'm proud of it. Hehehe... I've learned alot on doing this one that's why. My client said it looks good but there's no response yet from the site owners. Lets just hope it is also a positive one. Hehehe... You can see the site here. Special thanks to my teammate Mylene for doing the header and free consultation image.


Markus said...

Hey Mark,

I think it's awesome!!!

And we will be pitching it to the customer very soon!!

Great Job As Always...

Also great work from Mylene!

Thanks For The Awesome Work!

Markus Skupeika

Death Mark said...

Wut duh??? Thanks sir. How did you find my blog.. hehehe.. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...good job. I see your single male status coming through with that cute chic on the top of the page.