Friday, August 15, 2008

Bayani Manansala is the 2008 Philippine Nationals Champion

It's a bit too late to post this one but since Neutral Grounds was also late in placing the results, I guess I have the reason. Lol. Anyways, for the benefit of those who didn't know yet or have not yet visited the NG site, Bayani Manansala prevailed over the 80+ players that participated in the 2008 Philippine Nationals that was held last August 9 to 10 at the Robinsons Galleria in Manila. He played RDW Demigod deck that was inspired from the one piloted by the US Nats Champ Michael Jacob with, of course, a little taste of Filipino tech.

What tech is that? If you'll see in the decklist, you'll notice the three Spitemares that he had placed main deck. This creature acts like a "beat me up and I'll beat up your boss or your friend" (can't think of a good description for that. lol) type, a good blocker for fatties like Cloudthreshers and Colossus, and a potentially good target for your Skred once you got bored of burning your opponent's critters. What I've also noticed with the build is the absence of Magus of the Moon. I know a lot of you would disagree with this because of the popularity of non-basic lands nowadays. A moon in play will absolutely be a headache for them. I guess Bayani focused more on beatdown and fast kill rather than a little board control. His maindeck Stigma Lashers can also attest to that. Here is his build of the Demigod Red deck:

21 Snow-Covered Mountain
3 Keldon Megaliths

4 Demigod of Revenge
4 Figure of Destiny
3 Blood knight
3 Stigma Lasher
4 Ashenmoor Grouger
3 Mogg Fanatic
3 Spitemare

4 Flame Javelin
4 Incinerate
4 Skred

2 Everlasting Torment
2 Pithing Needle
3 Faerie Macabre
4 Sulfur Elemental
4 Dead//Gone

The rest of the top 4 who will also be part of the Philippine team for Worlds were Paul Ernest Lazaro (2nd place) who piloted Tarmorack, Philip Christopher Rama III (3rd place) with the Faeries deck and Ricky Perez (4th place) with White Weenie Aggro.

Again, congratulations to the winners and I hope you'll do best at the Worlds this year. For the complete decklist and profile of the top 8, just visit the Neutral Grounds site.

The next stop this year: Grand Prix Manila. Let's defend the turf guys!

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