Saturday, August 2, 2008

First "Friendship" Award for Kram

I am not friendly. I can assure you that. On the first impressions that people will say about me, the word "friendly" would be least expected to be heard from them. "Suplado na si Mark," that would be the usual term. They just don't know that I'm shy when meeting new people. At least now I'm trying to change that to a more "friendlier" Mark. Lol...

That's why I'm happy to know that my friend Molit from Eversun Davao gave me "A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award". I don't know the reason why she shared it to me coz we seldom talk to each other but I'm very thankful for that. I'm not sure if this is some kind of a girl stuff or something (just kidding) but I'll share this to my bloggermates in my list, namely: Neng Maui, Rayland, Bevs, Raquel, Mai-mai, Ting, JayR, Party gurl Lyra, Amy, Jimmy, Gwen, Mark B, and to all my fans (asa. lol..), avid readers and fellow Mtg hobbyist.

Cheers to a good friendship and may it last forever! Sluurrrppp... (drinks coffee)


-mOlit- said...

hi mark.. thank you for posting this.. geee ... luv it!...GB:D

Death Mark said...

You're welcome molit... Thanks for the visit.. :)