Thursday, September 11, 2008

More of Shards of Alara

The Shards of Alara first week of previews of Magicthegathering dot com started last Monday and so far on the cards previewed I'm not sure if I'll like the set. Three color gold cards are good... yes, they are... But unfortunately, building a three color deck would cost you alot especially of the lands. That's not a problem if you already have one but if you want to shift your deck to the Alara cards, alot of adjustment will be needed. The good things is there are lands that can support the shard colors like Arcane Sanctum and Naya Panorama but they will likely fall in the control decks as the land searching and "comes into play tapped" will surely delay the aggro decks.

So far my favorite card on the set, obviously a Mythic rare, is the planeswalker Sarkhan Vol. Behold:

He is definitely a must have in the R/G Aggro decks or similar decks that would want to splash the green color. I really like his ultimate ability, thinking of it as a "good game" once it connects. Five 4/4 Dragons? Eat that! Hehe... I'm sure I'll be also seeing him in the build of R/G or B/R/G tokens.

I am still hoping to see more cards that can be a support or an upgrade for my RDW deck. I know Wizards will definitely grant that. Hehehe... Till next time..

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