Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Birthday Celebration at Annex

Yesterday was the celebration of my “¼ of a century” birthday. Crap, I hate to say that. I already decided to celebrate it with a videoke at Annex coz I missed singing with the team and the other reason is that it is beside our usual Saturday night party place. Nyahaha… I was very happy that a lot of my friends I’ve invited showed up for the event. It was a birthday celebration plus a sort of a reunion at the same time. Of course, the party isn’t complete without the pictures so here they are:

The first batch. Thanks for coming on time. Lol…

With the girl friends Eaves, Cecile and April

Master Arni and Master Oliver starting to enjoy the night

Kainan na!

Rei: I want that chicken!

Meltoy, Masyong, Arni, Rei and Oliver

The web professionals, Naks…

Idol Cilay and Fan no. 2 Makoy

You really are having a good time Amy.

Ibos, Ting and Cay

With Princess err Supervisor Sha. Man I looked drunk already…

The band boys, Mao and Ting.

With Ibos, Sha and Cay

Rei is drunk. Nuff said. Lol…

I enjoyed the night with these peeps. Thanks guys!

Are you having fun?

After the videoke, it was now time for another Saturday night dancing at the Aquarium disco bar. Together with the party boys (you know who you are, admit it. lol.), I enjoyed the remaining hours listening to my fave electro house music, watching the hot ladies dance to the tune, and of course, dancing a little. Then, something good came up. I thought it would be just another “Saturday at the disco” but I was wrong. I guess the birthday luck aura is still with me at that time. Lol… Anyways, it is for you to find out what happened. Hahaha… By the way, you can see the rest of the pics here.

Overall, it was a night of fun, laughter, and bonding with friends. Hoping to celebrate more birthdays with you guys! Thanks to you all…

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Pweng Bee said...

Belated happy birthday to you. We both share the same month of birthdays. But I celebrated it in a different way by giving away some cash. :) I have a little contest on my blog, I do hope you join.