Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tournament Report: Playing with Revenge

We were back again in Standard constructed format as we entered the month of September. Also, we changed our tournament schedule starting last Friday to accommodate our other players that couldn't join the Saturday tournaments. I hope that'll work and so far there's an increase of participants last Friday (an increase of three actually, Lol..).

Anyways, I was thankful that I was able to complete my Demigod Red deck (thanks to Mao for the Snow Mountains, and to Rei and JR for lending me the Flame Javelins. Lol.) and that was my immediate deck of choice for the tournament. I guess I don't need to repost the main decklist as you all know the components. For reference, here's my sideboard.

Sideboard (15)
3 Everlasting Torment
4 Magus of the Moon
4 Sulfur Elemental
4 Sulfurous Blast

We started at a quarter before 6pm because our TO was a bit late. Here were my matchups:

Round 1 - I was faced against the number 1 player in our community, Patrick. He was playing faeries so I thought this would be an easy matchup. Unfortunately, I lost Game 1. I boarded in the Magi and the blasts. I took Game 2 fast and Game 3 was a close one as we were exchanging attacks but his blossom is ticking down his life. I was able to neutralize his man-lands with my magus of the moon and a sulfurous blast took the game and the match.
Record: 1-0, 2-1

Round 2 - I was paired with Mark Co who was playing Elves. Another good matchup I guess and it turned out to be true. Game 2 was a bit close to me losing but I was able to take down his colossi and stabilize at 5 life. Several burn to the dome and a Demigod took the match.
Record: 2-0, 4-1

Round 3 - A bad matchup for me as I was against Kithkins piloted by Mark Tubola. Game 1 was very fast. He got me on turn five via Mirrorweave. See the pics below for the snapshot. I boarded in Sulfur Elementals and Sulfurous Blasts. In Game 2, I thought I was ahead on the beatdown until I saw my creatures one by one disappearing, either Unmaked or removed by Oblivion Ring. I ran out of gas and he began the beats with a Glorious Anthemed Spirits, an FOD and a Knight of Meadowgrain. That's just enough to beat me to death.
Record: 2-1, 4-3

Round 4 - I was paired with another Kithkin deck, this time piloted by my friend Oliver. We talked about our chances of getting to the top 4 and knowing that I had the higher chance, he gladly conceded to give me the win. Thanks Pot!

The final record, 3-1. My observation on the deck is that its overall performance was good except on the match against kithkins where I didn't saw any of my Sulfurous Blasts. Figure of Destiny was really awesome against decks with limited or no removal, as it can took the game all by himself. Here's our pic of the top 4 players last Friday.

I'm planning of playing this deck again tomorrow with, of course, a little adjustment on the sideboard. I've heard that one of the players will be piloting Lark so I better bring in my macabres. Hehehe... Let's see what happens..

Till next time peeps. Thanks very much for reading...

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