Friday, October 31, 2008

Ering! Ering Itom! Patya ky Demalas nang Itom!

Here's a vid that keeps bugging me and Master since the first time that we saw it in YouTube about two weeks ago. It's a spoof of the movie Apocalypto, in which the story revolves around the same main character in the original movie, except that he is resembled by the name "Paksiw Irongbuang". Irongbuang is a Bisayan term for mad dog (I'm not sure if that's the proper translation). You'll also get to know other characters like Bosski, Humprey Bugoy (my favorite villain), Babu, Pangga, etc.

What I liked about this Youtubenovela is the way they dub each character, the facial expression, voice and all of that. I'm pretty sure the people (or the person) from Haringbuang Productions are professional dubbers. I knew a little about the dialect but I really LOL'd on each of the episodes.

Here's the second part of Episode 7 of the eight-part Youtubenovela series. This is where I got the title for this post.

For the other episodes, just type the keyword "Haringbuang" in the search bar of YouTube. Also look for an English-Bisaya online dictionary coz I'm sure you're gonna be needing it. Unless you're a Bisaya of course. Lol.

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bgo ko lng nlntaw pot.. bakod gd man ah.. =))