Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mtg Iloilo October 4 Standard Tournament

Yesterday, we had our first post rotation Standard tournament. My predictions regarding the kithkin decks were proven. Five players piloted Kithkins. Wow, that was the highest number since we had our Lorwyn block tournaments. I decided to go against the flow and played RDW, the last minute version. Lol… That was a hard decision but that was I preferred rather than being uncomfortable with piloting a different deck and for the fact that we were lacking Stillmoon Cavaliers and other sideboard components. I substituted the blood knights, magi of the scroll, Skreds and other Time Spiral components with cards that were available that time.

The tournament had 14 participants and the metagame breakdown was obviously tribal: 5 Kithkins, 3 Merfolk, 2 Demigod Red, 2 Oreo (Black White) Beatdown, 1 Elves and a lone Faeries. The final top 4 had three Kithkins and a Fae. Ironically, that lone Faerie deck ruled us all. Lol… I went 2-2, winning against a Merfolk and an Elf deck and losing, as expected, to two Kithkins. I lost but had a great fight against the little white men. I realized how fun it is to pilot a last minute deck and I’m happy with the record.

My next stop on deck building is the black red version of Demigod red and possibly an anti Kithkin build. Hehe… My compo choices so far from Shards are Blightning and Infest. I hope I can come up with a decklist early this week and do some playtests.

Anyway, here are some highlights of the tournament yesterday.

Oli on a "wild" excitement in opening his Alara Fatpack

Three figures and a Cenn

Mao's kill with a Mirrorweave on the Demigod, dealing 15 damage

Assorted Kithkin goodies. Pick your type.

Top 4 players Tonton, Oli, Mao and Patrick getting ready to battle it out for the top spot.


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