Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Dragons of Magic

Magic: The Gathering won't be that best of a trading card game without its ever popular Dragons. Whenever a new set is released or just being announced, I am always hoping that there's at least one Dragon in the set. I'm sure a lot of you too. Most Mtg players are even getting to complete their Dragon collection. As for me, I always look for the cool (or should I say hot?) ability and its awesome art. Here are my favorite Dragons in the current Standard format.

Everybody's favorite, the Shivan Dragon in the latest Core set.

Knollspine Dragon from Shadowmoor. It was first depicted in Lorwyn's hideaway land, Spinerock Knoll.

Shard of Alara's Broodmate Dragon. Getting two dragons for one card sounds very cool and is hard to deal with.

Predator Dragon is widely used as the kill card in Elf ball decks in Extended. Its usually a component in token generating decks and I liked the art too.

The mightiest dragon in the shard of Jund. The ability is pretty powerful and much worth paying for its mana cost.

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