Friday, December 12, 2008

Mtg World Championships 2008 Started

As of the writing of this post, its in Round 3 of the six rounds of Standard as the Magic players from all over the world gather and battle it out in Day 1 of the four day Magic: The Gathering World Championships 2008 event in Memphis. It will be 18 rounds of individual play, along with four team Constructed rounds spread out over the next three days.

This is gonna be exciting coz I'm sure new decks will be innovated and we will find out if the Faes will still dominate the Standard meta and also the same with the Elf ball in Extended.

I'm wishing good luck and God bless to our very own Team Philippines who qualified and joined the event. To Earl Cirujales, Joselito Alberto Jamir, and Ramon Allan Oca, let the world know that the Filipino Magic Player can do it. Go for gold guys! (olympics???) ^_^

Check out the full coverage here.

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