Monday, December 1, 2008

The Return to INCA, Lambunao

I had taken two days of vacation leave from office last Thursday and Friday. Thinking of where to spent these days of rest, I decided to visit WVSU-CAF (formerly known as INCA), the school where I had my previous work as a part time instructor.

I arrived there at around 5pm and I'm happy to know that they were still able to recognize me despite that I left the place about two years ago. Memories just came flashing back as I get to meet some of my students and a few of the staff and teachers there.

Thinking like I have some travel blog or something, I decided to document my visit to INCA with the camera of my dont-know-what-kind-of-model Nokia phone. Here are a few of the pics that I took.

The rough road going to INCA from the town proper of Lambunao just got rougher. Why won't they ever get this cemented?? $%^& government...

A part of the circumferential road around the campus. This was where I do my usual morning walk to the college building.

The food they prepared for me, with the native chicken binakol as the main dish. Yum yum.

Of course, reminiscing our local routine after dinner. A few shots of beer to offset the coldness of the night. Hehehe...

I took this shot while we were walking to the Montillano falls. Time to burn some fat for me. Lol!

A shot of the river going to the falls. The falls is barely visible. Can you see it?

This is the upper part of the Montillano Falls. The water may look shallow but that's actually around 8 feet deep (we measured it with wooden branch).

This was an artificial dam the school created to supply water to the place. Unfortunately, it got destroyed together with the water pipes during the Typhoon Frank.

Finally, the Montillano falls! The water is so damn cold but I enjoyed the falling water hitting me. Its like taking a hard body massage. Hehehe... Btw, the falls looks like some Mtg card art. Can you guess it?

The road going back. Is it just me or is the route got a bit farther than the last time?

These are some of the native pigs bred at the college piggery...

This rabbit is for the Agriculture graduating students' thesis.

The same with these broiler chickens.

The jeepney I took when I went back home to the city. See you again next time INCA!

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Miss LeDi said...

hi I am also making a Post about the Montillano falls now...and it's a lot different than before coz there has been changes coz theyre planning to develop it..just check my blog =)