Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Magic Artwork and Signature Banners

One thing I've noticed why people love Magic: The Gathering trading card game is its artwork. You would definitely agree to that whether you're a competitive player, a casual one, a collector or its your first time to see an actual Mtg card.

Its a nice thing that people with good graphic skills are creating beautifully combined Magic artworks. I also tried a bit of that but my skills just weren't enough. Luckily, I found someone or rather a group of peeps who would do the art for you at a little cost. No, not money but only post count. If you are an avid viewer of the MTG Salvation forums then you must be familiar with the Avatar & Sig Shops thread. There you can find people who will do the signature and avatar artworks for you.

Looking on which studio to do my first signature banner, I tried my request at High Light Studios, which is handled by Zaph, Spiderboy4 & Mr. Stuff. I told them about how my banner would look like and the result:

If you would like them to do you a banner or an avatar pic, then just pay a visit to their studio thread located here. I'm sure they'll accommodate you well. Oh, and they don't bite I promise. :)


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Spiderboy4 said...

Hey, I'm glad you like my banner.

Randomly found this. keep up the awesome.