Saturday, January 3, 2009

Work at the Moment: Affiliate Marketing 101

My client has given me time during the holiday break to learn and study affiliate marketing through the coaching site that he recommended. This has got me interested but unfortunately I was only able to read a bit during the vacation period.

Based on the training videos, I was like astonished on how they can earn hundreds of dollars on the products they don't own in a few months time. What could be their marketing strategy? Hmmm... This got me really challenged to learn and to master the techniques that they do in the affiliate marketing business. I also added this one to be one of my targets to accomplish this year (a new year's resolution perhaps?). I think that should really motivate me. Plus the number of digits that they earn obviously. Hehe...

The coaching offers a step by step process which I bet anyone can easily learn to follow. At the moment, we are still starting the first month and just signed up for Adwords, Overture of Yahoo and MSN Adcenter. I hope we can start building the first affiliate site this week.

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