Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grixis Seas Initial List

Here's my first version of the deck which is a Grixis version of the one played in our local tourney weeks ago. I favored red to utilize powerful Grixis spells like Double Negative and Cruel Ultimatum. Here's the list:

Grixis Seas version 1
by Mark Ian Alloso
3 Drowned Catacomb
5 Island
2 Swamp
4 Mountain
1 Akoum Refuge
1 Jwar Isle Refuge
3 Scalding Tarn
3 Dragonskull Summit
4 Crumbling Necropolis

4 Sphinx of Jwar Isle
4 Goblin Ruinblaster

4 Jace Beleren
2 Earthquake
2 Pyroclasm
2 Cruel Ultimatum
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Double Negative
4 Convincing Mirage
4 Spreading Seas

This was made an anti on the current meta which is dominated by Jund. Do you think it can cope up? Hit the comments. :)

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