Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frontier(s): The Next Horror Hit

I used to watch horror and bloody violent films, not that I liked the killing scenes but I was curious of how the storyline flows. Movies like the Saw trilogy, Wrong Turn 1 & 2 and other gore films give me the creeps but I still continue to watch them and wonder why these movies have been created.


After reading the synopsis and watching the trailer of the upcoming movie, Frontier(s), I would say this will be the next hit in line of the Horror Movies. The movie was initially planned to be a part of After Dark Horrorfest's 8 Films to Die For. Plus, I've learned about the buzz on the film's controversy as it was rated NC-17 for “extreme sadistic gore and violence”. The film creators After Dark Films, wanting to retain the movie in its pure and uncut version, decided to keep it and limit the film's distribution in movie theaters around the world. In effect of this, the movie will only be shown for 1 week at selected theaters. See the listings in the site if the movie will be showing in theaters near to you. Too bad I can't watch it here. I guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD to come out and be on sale here as soon as possible.

So for all the horror and gore movie fans out there, Frontier(s) is a must see movie for you. Watch it now and know what are your boundaries.

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micgui said...

hi there! i didn't know you like this movie too... im really dying to see this movie and im looking for a dvd now. i have the trailer here on my blog "how much violence can you take?".

Frontier(s) Rocks! XD