Sunday, May 4, 2008

Shadowmoor Standard Tournament Picks of Pics

Last saturday, we held our first Magic: The Gathering Standard tournament for the month of May. I started strong with a 3-0 record and no loss on the matches. I decided to draw the remaining two rounds to ensure my top 8 spot. While waiting for the rounds to end, I was taking pictures of the other matches and also waiting to capture the moment of amazing plays. Here are my picks:
Fellow players Gian and Rex still have the time to goof around while preparing their sideboards.

The storm count seems unstoppable for the faeries.

Crip swap turned this kithkin harrier into a rock? a rock token representing the changeling rather. Lol..

Team Tirol waiting for the Top 8 pairings.

The top 8 players after five rounds of exhausting battle of the planeswalkers.

The top 8 results revealed that I was first place. I was very happy but that was short lived when I discovered that I was paired to the worst matchup of my deck. I lost to the 8th player, Gian, with a record of 2-1. Oh well, better luck next time. Overall, I was still happy on the performance of the deck despite having no Shadowmoor cards in the main deck (only in the sideboard, hehe). Check out the rest of the pics here.

Till next time peeps and thank you for viewing my blog. =)


ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

I heard about this card game but I dunno how it goes...I mean how it is played....

Death Mark said...

Its quite complicated at first, but it is easy and fun to learn... Thanks for the visit btw.. :)