Friday, June 27, 2008

Achieve Victory Hair

What is Victory Hair? Haven’t heard of it you say. Victory Hair is what the good looking couples with great hair style achieve when their hair gets pretty messed up after magic happens between them.

Anybody can achieve Victory Hair. Working towards it must be a step-by-step plan though. Getting a good first impression is the key. The looks and the great hair style can be one of the factors. One tip or move I can share is when you get an eye on a girl you want to meet or what I call “target”, maintain the eye contact. Look at her not like you’re undressing her but simply looking and getting her interest. If she looks back or smiled back, then that’s the cue for you to come close to her. I hope this is a good help and first step for you to achieve Victory Hair.

If you got other moves you like to try or share, why not test it on this game called Ultimate Flirting Championship. This is sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5. Test your flirting skills by answering the judge’s questions as sexy and flirty as you can. Play the live widget below to find out. Outflirt your rival and win Victory Hair.

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Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

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