Friday, June 27, 2008

My Take on the Eventide Card Previews

Wizards has started previewing the cards for the next expansion Eventide. Even though the official previews will be on June 30th, cards are already being added in the visual spoiler of the Eventide minisite. Hybrid cards that Shadowmoor has started is continued in this set. This time, the hybrids are enemy colors. New mechanics were also introduced. These are Chroma and Retrace. As of the writing of this article or blog post rather, the number of previewed cards is seventeen. Here are some of the cards.

Thunderblust – A creature like Skizzik or Blistering Firecat, this elemental can be a good addition to the current Red Deck Wins build in Standard and the Elementals in Lorwyn Block. The disadvantage though is the 3 red in the mana cost.

Umbra Stalker – Chroma is a cool mechanic and this card abuses it. If prefer using this in Mono Black Control decks with lots of card that has black mana symbols on their casting costs. The lack of evasion on this elemental makes it less usable but I think it will still find its home in Standard.

Endless Horizons – This enchantment can provide great card advantage especially if you use this in a Mono White deck (Kithkins or Snow White Control). Removing all of your Plains ensures you that your next draw is a spell and you won't be missing your land drop each turn. The only disadvantage is if this gets Disenchanted or eaten by a Wispmare.

Unmake – When I first saw this card, I was like, “WTF, are you serious?” This card is far better than Mortify and has lots of uses today as the current Standard is dominated by recurring creatures (say hello to Kitchen Finks). Its a common too. Both white (Kithkins) and black (Assassins) has now access to this good removal and I also expect to be seeing this in Doran decks.

Scourge of the Nobilis – Giving your creature Firebreathing and lifelink is pretty good with this Aura. It also gives us a clue that the Red-White avatar will be a Nobilis (Nobilis of ****).

Raven's Crime – Tarmogoyf and The Rack will be very happy if they see this card. Here's a new version of Cry of Contrition peeps. I really like the Retrace mechanic. It makes your late game top decked lands useful and replaces your frowning face with a smile. Lol...

Stigma Lasher – The cooooolest card so far in the Eventide set. I can hear those RDW players shouting Hooray. Lol... Finally, an answer to the abuse of lifegain in Standard. With a 2/2 body plus wither, this elemental shaman is a must have in Red burn decks. I am dreaming of playing this on first turn with the guide of the Simian Spirit.

Doomgape – Seven to cast, 10/10 Trampler and can't be killed by black removal. The only drawback, which I don't see as one, is sacrificing a creature on each of your upkeep. With a variety of mana ramp decks today, this card is very splashable. You get to use your excess Wall of Roots to pay for its upkeep and gain life at the same time. If you can't, then sacrifice itself and boost your life up by ten. Not a bad deal I guess.

So far, the card previews are pretty strong and cool. Its just like those Ravnica days without the dual lands. But based on this, I think the chances of the printing of enemy filter lands has increased. I'll be expecting more of these cards and it has already convinced me to join the prerelease this July.

Thanks for reading y'all. Till next time...

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