Saturday, June 7, 2008

Magical Weekend?

Woohoo! Its weekend once again. No work and a holiday on Monday, which means 3 days of relaxing, stressing out and a time for a magical weekend. Or is it? I'm planning on joining our weekly tournament this Saturday.
Unfortunately, something came up so I had to cancel it. Oh well, there's still another tourney next week. I wish good luck to my buddy Oliver and hope he'll win this week's tournament.

Anyways, the plan this evening will be to watch Mao's gig entitled "Push the Tempo" at the place just blocks away from my boarding house. After that is the usual night out at Smallville. I hope I can see new faces there, especially at the Aquarium. Hehehe... I just need to relax my mind by going Pretty unusual you say, but for me its one way of fun and stressing out(other than playing Magic of course) so wish me luck as maybe this goblin can get lucky and meet a faerie. Lol... Happy weekend guys!

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