Monday, July 7, 2008

Advertise at BloggersReview

The trend on internet marketing via paid blogging and blog advertising networks has gone a really long way. It's maybe because almost all of the businesses today are going online and therefore the effectiveness of advertising online is high. Recently, I've researched for popular blog advertising networks and found out about I immediately signed up and submitted my blog which was approved a few days later.

What features this blog advertising network has to offer to advertisers? Well, they are proud to say that they have the industries lowest campaign prices and extremely economical and cost effective website advertising & promotion rates. What's best is that you get to advertise on budget which means BloggersReview will match your business with the right blog and you only get to pay for approved reviews. Signing up is so easy and free so create your account now and advertise at, where advertising and budget is not a big deal.


Pweng Bee said...

Bloggers Review is not a very good site especially for bloggers. There are only few opportunities and there was a time that I got an opp from an adult site.

Mark Ian said...

Yeah.. I also have received that adult opp but didn't accepted it..

Anonymous said...

Are you over 18. All PPP site have to be 18+ .