Monday, July 7, 2008

Water Crisis at the HQ

It’s been more than a week since the water crisis here at HQ has started. Wow, I didn’t even notice that. I guess I got used to getting water at the hand-operated water pump in our backyard.

Realizing that, I now really know how important water is and how hard it is not to have one. I keep on asking Manong what causes why water cannot go up our water tank. He said that the water level on the main line cannot reach to the line going to the building. The bad news is I’ve heard rumors that this crisis will last for a month. Wtf… Grrrr… Can’t the city water authorities do something about it?

But I keep of thinking on the positive side. Hehehe… Carrying water up the 4 story building at an average of 4 pails a day is a good exercise, don’t you think? Lol… I really hope this crisis would end very soon. No Internet, no TV, and no electricity can be dealt with but no water is very hard to live by.


Bevs said...

Mayu na Mark after a month dagku na mga muscles mo..Wahahaha :P
Subng daan daw wala gd..hehehe

*peace ^_^

Death Mark said...

Baw... waay muscles ha... cge lng.. bantay lng ky... pakita ko gd cmu kun magdako na... :P

Nombres Bebe said...

Water is going to be big problem in next 20 years . In my city water level has dropped down to 300 feets.