Friday, July 4, 2008

Deck of the Week: Japs Red Deck Wins

Hey there peeps, welcome again on this segment of my blog, Deck of the Week. For this week's deck, I'll choose the latest version of my favorite deck in Standard, RDW. This deck tech was created and piloted by the Japs pro players, Shuhei Nakamura and Tomoharu Saito at the recently held Grand Prix-Buenos Aires.

This deck focuses on early critters like Mogg Fanatic and Blood Knight, board control with Magi of the Moon and Magi of the Scroll and late game offense via Demigod of Revenge. Their card choices are said to be "unique" because of the inclusion of Ashenmoor Gouger, a three mana cost 4/4 can't block creature. Shuhei defended, explaining what made it a worthy inclusion in the deck. He said "It doesn't die to Terror, Nameless Inversion, Slaughter Pact, and Firespout. But I'd still rather have Tattermunge Maniac. This deck has very few two drops. It needs more to do on turn two." Lol...

Without further ado, here's the list:

Red Deck Wins (Shuhei Nakamura)
Main (60)
2 Ghitu Encampment
3 Keldon Megaliths
19 Mountain
24 lands

4 Ashenmoor Gouger
4 Blood Knight
4 Demigod of Revenge
4 Magus of the Moon
4 Magus of the Scroll
4 Mogg Fanatic
24 creatures

4 Flame Javelin
4 Incinerate
4 Shock
12 Other Spells

4 Sulfur Elemental
4 Lash Out
4 Murderous Redcap
3 Manabarbs
15 Sideboard

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