Monday, August 4, 2008

Rei's Preparation for the Nats: Day One

Yesterday, Rei told me about his plan to playtest the matchup of his deck with my RDW list so we've decided to schedule the playtest this afternoon right after the office hours of our day shift Mtg buddies. We met up at MSIS, our local gathering place on weekdays, at around five pm.

After hearing the news that the Red deck piloted by Micheal Jacobs dominated the US Nats, we've decided to test the deck with a slight difference on the lands (not snow-covered) and substituted Shock for Skred. I piloted the red deck and Rei used his version of Black-Green Elves that he used in Regionals with no changes whatsoever.

We had several games and we've noticed the effectiveness of his Eyeblight's Ending against my Demigods and Ashenmoor Gougers. Still, the Elves seemed to be no match as the RDW had won more games. After the games, we noted several tweaking options for the Elves as well as for the RDW.

Rei, still feeling undecided on the deck, said that we playtest more tomorrow and call it a day.

To be continued...

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