Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shards of Alara Minisite Launched Today

Magicthegathering dot com started the previews of the upcoming big set Shards of Alara by launching its mini-site. In this, you will discover the history behind and how the shards were created. Also included in this mini site is the visual spoiler of the set wherein new and interesting cards are being previewed. Here are some of them:

An artifact creature with a 3 color casting cost? It reminds me of the myr from Future Sight. The Bant angel is pretty cool and is very suited for control decks like Quick n Toast. I really liked Blightning when I first saw it. Its a two for one card with my favorite color. Goblin Assault they say is the new Bitterblossom but I doubt if it can be that powerful. An additional one mana cost has great effect on the game you know.

For more card previews and other info about Shards of Alara, visit the mini-site here.

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