Saturday, September 27, 2008

Work at the Moment: "Wordpressing" Magic Iloilo

Whew, I decided to write this post just to take a break after hours of coding in Wordpress. Actually its more of research for codes than coding. Hehehe... Since my client's decision of letting go of me last Friday, I got all the time to study coding in CMS. I started on implementing Wordpress to our Mtg community site,, because it was already planned by Master Ramon a long time ago but he got no time to do it due to his "hectic" schedule. Peace Master! Haha..

At first, it was quite hard understanding Ramon's coding of the site but I liked the way the codes were placed. The banners, left menu, and footer were neatly placed in separate files and even the css codes were separated. The true master's work indeed. ^:)^ I studied how the files and the styles interact and started working on it on the dev site. Unfortunately, the site was blocked by our tech just hours earlier (I don't know the $&*% reason) so I decided to transfer it on my personal dev site. Here's a screen shot of the current progress of my work.

Its actually pretty much the same as the existing site except that I'm still figuring out how to put the thumbnails of the author on the template. Also, I'm still looking on how to customize the "more" link on the posts. I'm gonna find that out sooner or later but for now, I'm happy that I was able to learn new things in Wordpress. I hope this momentum continues and also hoping that I will be able to finish integrating the site next week.... no... on Monday... the goal's on Monday... Hehe..


Anonymous said...

Do you have an RSS feed for this site?

Death Mark said...
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Death Mark said...

We currently don't have one but I'll place it once I'm finished on implementing the cms... :)