Sunday, October 12, 2008

DotA Allstars Latest Version: v6.55b

I got up early today which is quite odd because I’m usually asleep at these hours. Feeling bored after last night’s partying (we got home at around 5am), I browsed the net for some interesting things and topics. I’ve recalled that a friend told me about the latest version of DotA map so I decided to download it.

A lot of changes were made in this map including creep locations, new items and two new heroes for the Sentinel. I tried one of them and picked up Kunkka, the Admiral Proudmoore (weird name). This is a Strength type hero and he got some pretty cool skills to support his physical attack.

In his first skill, Torrent, he deals damage to enemies in an area through some kind of a waterspout and slows them. His second skill, TideBringer, which I really like, is a passive ability which enchants his sword with the power of the sea, giving him additional damage and a cleaving attack every few seconds. As the level increases, the damage gets bigger, the area of effect of the cleaving gets wider and the seconds between the cleaving attacks get lesser. His third skill, X Marks The Spot, marks a hero and leaves an X in its area, the after a few seconds the targeted hero moves back to the X mark. It’s quite a tech against blinker heroes.

On his ultimate, he summons a ghostship that hits the enemies and buffs your allies at the same time, dousing them with Captain CoCo's Rum. This gives them 30% bonus movement speed and numbness to incoming damage.

Here are a few screenshots I took while piloting Admiral Proudmoore. (click to view the full screenshot image)

Admiral Proudmoore posing with his enchanted Tidebringer

While casting Torrent and bouncing the creeps to the ayer ayer...

The cleaving attack of TideBringer

Using the third skill X Marks the Spot

Using the ultimate Ghostship

I'm sure he'll be one of the first picks for the Sentinel in the future DotA tournaments. For the latest version of DotA, download it here.

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