Monday, November 17, 2008

Deck of the Week: Vengeant Weenie

My choice of deck for this week is the one I'm planning to build by the end of this year. This deck combines the fast and aggressive beats of White weenie with the hard hitting burn spells of Red. It made its first top 16 appearance on $5,000 Standard Open Tournament last October. The deck focused on cheap and Exalted creatures such as Akrasan Squire and Sigiled Paladin to push early and large chunks of damage. It is also beautifully combined with Elspeth, giving the exalted attacker a +3/+3 pump and evasion.

Of course, the deck wouldn't be called by that name if not for its superstar Planeswalker, Ajani Vengeant. Its first two abilities of tapping down a large threat or Helixing a potential blocker are the key in getting the opponent to low life and within shooting range of the deck's burn spells. Flame Javelin? Incinerate? Puncture Blast? you name it. Here's the latest decklist that got 6th place from Alabama State Champs and was piloted by Brett Anderson.

Main Deck
4 Battlefield Forge
2 Mountain
4 Mutavault
10 Plains
4 Rugged Prairie
(24 lands)

4 Akrasan Squire
4 Figure of Destiny
4 Knight of Meadowgrain
4 Sigiled Paladin
4 Stillmoon Cavalier
(20 creatures)

4 Ajani Vengeant
2 Elspeth, Knight-Errant
4 Flame Javelin
4 Incinerate
3 Puncture Blast
(17 spells)

3 Burrenton Forge-Tender
2 Loyal Sentry
1 Puncture Blast
2 Ranger of Eos
2 Reveillark
3 Wild Ricochet
2 Wispmare

For other decks featured on the previous weeks, see it here.


Skron said...

White weenie. Can't go wrong with a white weenie. My last deck before I retired was a white knight deck with coat of arms. That was fun.

Death Mark said...

Nice.. The white knights with the Order of the White Shield and Savannah Lions. Also backed up by Swords to Plowshares and Armageddon. I remembered the decks those times were blazing fast.

Skron said...

Yup that was my original deck. 4 White Knights, 4 Order of the White Shield, 4 Order of Leitbur, 4 Savannah Lions, 2 Thunder Spirits and 2 Serra Angels.

But I later evolved it into an all knight deck. So I can play into 2.0 Tournament. Then I lost interest with the game when I couldn't keep up.

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