Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Magic: The Gathering Wishlist for Christmas

Christmas is everybody's favorite holiday for the year and I'm sure alot of you already came up with your Christmas wish list. As much as I don't want to create my list (I'm expecting not to receive any gifts this year unless I get one for myself. Lol.), I may be forced to go with the flow.

Without further ado, here's my Magic: The Gathering "wish" list for this year's Christmas. Note: The items listed below are achievable if given the budget and the right person to donate. Lol.

1. First off of course, is what any Magic player needs, the cards! As for this year, I'll be looking to buy Jace versus Chandra Duel Decks. These two decks showcased the best control and burn cards in the history of Magic. Well, its not as best as Force of Will and Lightning Bolt but who cares. It got cool alternate art of the two Planeswalkers and what I'm after are the deck boxes. The product is already released last November 7. I just hope though that our local store will be selling this.

2. The second on my list are still, you guessed it, Magic cards! Haha. These are actually from my wants list as I am hoping to complete my deck before the card prices will sky rocket. Here they are:
- four Rugged Prairies (red-white filter land),
- four Ajani Vengeant (mythic planeswalker),
- four Stillmoon Cavaliers,
- four Sigiled Paladin,
- a set of Knight of the White Orchid and
- four Runed Halos.
Just give me a message if you have any of the cards listed above. Hehe...

3. I enjoy mixing house music in Virtual DJ (fyi, one of my future plans is to become a Dj. muahaha) so I just thought if I can do it in the actual CDJ Player and Mixer and also to become familiar with the functions and do some actual tricks in mixing. I didn't know the correct setup and what brand is ideal if ever I could buy one but my kumpare which is a Dj told me that the Pioneer brand has the best products.

4. A new cellphone. My current one really sucks coz the battery runs out fast even though its on standby so I had to charge it everyday. What a hassle. My price range would be around 6 to 10k and I'd prefer fast loading menus and with a high resolution camera. Oh, and Sony Ericsson or Nokia will do.

5. An iPod Nano. I love listening to music wherever I went, either at the office or in the HQ. I just turn on any device that can provide my ears some good ol' sound and what more can provide it other than an 8GB iPod Nano. That would be enough to store all of my House music collections and still have space for my favorite movies. Pretty neat, eh?

6. New batch of customized t-shirts. Its been a long time since I got to print my self designed shirts from my friend Meltoy and I'm hoping to get new ones this month. He has been quite busy with work so its hard for me to reach him and give my designs. I hope he can have the time to do it, if not, I'll look for other shirt printing store that's easy to access and offers affordable printing services.

7. Lastly, World Peace. Yeah, seriously. No kidding...

I can't get to think of other good stuff to include (which more likely will be cards and more gadgets) so that would be it for my list. I am hoping to get numbers 1, 2 and 6, and the rest are optional, especially number seven. Lol.

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Leon said...

I've always wanted to learn Magic, but there aren't many Magic fans here in Jamaica, so it wouldn't make much sense.