Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 8 Shards of Alara Standard Tournament

We had another Standard Constructed Tournament last Saturday and it was held at our local Mtg store because our previous tournament area (Country Square resto) has closed, maybe due to the lack of customers. Oh well...

Anyway, I piloted the same ol Kithkins which got me third place last tournament. Unfortunately, I ended at a record of 2 wins and 2 losses. The first loss was from the RDW matchup, which I expected as an auto win for the little white men. Instead, I got 2 javelins and 2 Incinerates in the face. The other one was from the Faeries in which I got completely controlled in Game 1 and forgetting about the Infest got my two Figures and cost me the second game and the loss. *Sigh* Maybe its time for another new deck to pilot. The recent States can be a good source of deck lists as I've seen alot of new builds have won in their tournaments.

Back to our local tournament, our resident photographer or "Maniniyot" in our local dialect had pictures taken for our community site, I've looked on the pics and decided to have my own pics of the week. Check it out below.

This is actually my favorite pic for the week. I call this, "Beauty and the Beast" beatdown.

Broodmate Dragon about to be overrun by Colossus and friends.

TO Rei enjoying the plate of pancit canton while preparing the match-ups.

Cruel Ultimatum? Flash Freeze for you baby!

We ran out of playing tables so these two decided to play it on top of the billiard table. Lol!

The top 4 players. From left: Jan christian, Mao, Greg and Oliver.

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